Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Assorted Sea Creatures <ʘ)))彡

Hello folders and fish finatics, The restful Reading Week approaches! Thus, Advanced Workshop Coordinator Jingxiu will teach this semester’s most challenging models this Saturday (11/7 3-5 PM EST)! 🐠🐠


• Designed by Miyajima Noboru

• Steps: 83

• Paper: 24+ cm square

• Fun fact: They can weigh more than 900 kg (source: National Geographic)!

Puffer Fish 🐡

• Designed by Yong-ik Jang

• Steps: 115

• Paper: 35+ cm square

• Fun fact: They do not have scales (source: Pet MD)!

Giant Grouper

• Designed by Takuro Kashiwamura

• Steps: 201

• Paper: 35+ cm square

• Fun fact: 4.2 m in length, these fish can be larger than grown men (source: seaunseen)!

Diagrams are fully translated in the ‘see-sea-creatures’ tab of the UTFOLD Discord server! We hope to catch you all there! 🎣