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Avatar: The Last Boomer Aang

Psst… See the White Lotus Pai Sho tile? You’ve been invited to join the Order of the White Lotus! Your first meeting is this Saturday, 3/6/21 3-5 PM EST on the UTFOLD Discord server. While you’re there, have some jasmine tea (courtesy of Uncle Iroh) and fold some origami! 🍵

Model details:
Sokka’s Boomer Aang – beginner 🪃
• 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper
• Print from template OR decorate with blue and black pencil crayons
The boomerang actually works!

White Lotus Pai Sho tile – beginner 💮
• 2 sheets 6″ square kami paper, brown and yellow

Appa – intermediate ⬇
• 1 sheet 6″ grey kami
• Light brown pencil crayon, white marker, black pen
• Alternatively, try to design your own flying bison!

The Order of the White Lotus hopes to see you at the meeting on Saturday!