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UTMFSA x UTFOLD: balut, starpaguita, tarsierヽ@(⭒^ェ^ )@入@( ・ェ・❀)@ノ

This Sunday, UTFOLD is collaborating with the Filipino Student Association (UTMFSA). Mark your calendars for 3/14 6-8 PM EST, since we’ll once again be teaching beginner through intermediate models step-by-step! (/≧▽≦)/

Tentative Schedule
6:00-6:10 Attendees join call, time allotted for finding and cutting paper 🔎 ✂️

6:10-6:25 Balut 🐣
⍣Super beginner-friendly model of a chick in egg, but ded x.x
⍣Paper: yellow on one side & white on other, 10+ cm edge length

6:25-7:20 Starpaguita
⍣Star (front) ✯ + Sampaguita (back) ❀
⍣A little tricker, but it’s a nice introduction to sink folds
⍣Paper: any colour on one side & white, 15+ cm

7:20-8:00 Tarsier 🐒
⍣Nocturnal, carnivorous primates with huge eyes! O.O
⍣Paper: brown/tan both sides, 15+ cm

Eagle 🦅

*For people who finish early (optional)
⍣Paper: brown/tan both sides, 20+ cm

Zoom link:
PW: 962733

We hope to see you there!! 🇵🇭