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UTFOLD x VAS: origami ↔ drawings!! (ノ^∀^)乂(^∀^ )ノ🎨

This Friday, 3/19/21 5-6 PM EST, our collaboration with UofT Visual Art Society (VAS) begins!

We will be drawing origami models in the VAS Discord server:
Any medium is fine. Let’s get creative!!! 🎨

The week after (3/26/21 5-6 PM EST), come join us in UTFOLD[er]’s workshop voice channel to fold origami based on drawings (!
While design sounds pretty stressful, it’s pretty fun to attempt once in a while. Use scissors and glue if you must. All origami experience levels are welcome to participate. Let’s do our best! ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧

🚨 A call for help 🚨
UTFOLD members, please bring your origami or a photo of it! Friday will be more fun if we have a huge pool of options for drawing! …✍︎(◕▿◕๑)✧