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UTFOLD x UofTrees: Cacti Origami!! ─=≡Σ((( つ ◕o◕ )つ 🌵⊂(^ ヮ ^ ⊂)

Fun fact! The fruit on top of cacti are called tuna. 🐟

    Why is this relevant? Well…
On April 23 5 PM EST, we are holding one final workshop for Winter 2021. It’s a post-Earth Day celebration with UofTrees!

    The featured origami model is paperkawaii’s cactus set. We will teach attendees how to fold the flower, masu box, cactus, and soil step-by-step. Diagram and video instructions are now visible in the #diagrams text channel of the UTFOLD Discord for students who prefer folding at their own pace. (

    Our goal is to have everyone successfully make the flower and box. You will need two squares, ideal side lengths 8.5 cm and 15 cm (see graphic below). Super beginner-friendly folds. Stockpile some colourful scrap paper and bring scissors!

    In the optional second hour, bring one brown square and two green squares, respectively 10 cm and (15 cm) x2. Once all the parts are complete, you stack stack stack them together. Voilà, cactus!


Here is the Zoom information:
Meeting ID: 823 3817 1401
Passcode: cactus

    All UTFOLD members will receive an event reminder email/ping alongside campaign details for the upcoming Spring Elections! (✿˵◠‿◠˵) ノ🌱