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Joker VS Bat: Halloween Workshop!!!🎃

The moon looks so pretty tonight!🌕 Hmm? It’s getting closer?? And there’s a tinge of green around it?! It’s a floating face?!!!!? It’s the Joker’s disembodied head!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
。゚゚ (」。≧□≦)」

Do not fear! There’s still hope for this poor soul, here comes Bat—uhhh, it’s just a bat?🦇 Wait, what happened to Batman!?
(Answer: the skit’s budget was too low for Batman) 😅

☆ ҉ ◢▅◣Ξ◥▅◤Ξ◢▅◣Ξ◥▅◤ ҉ ★

It’s almost the end of October! And you know what that means?
UTFOLD’s annual Halloween-themed Workshop!!!! 🍬🎃

The workshop will take place on the last Friday of the month: 📆Friday, October 29, from ⌚5 – 7 PM, and within our workshop 🔉voice channel of our Discord server.

(===>>> )

Snakebird will be teaching two models:

  • Joker🃏
    • Designed by Yoo Tae Yong
    • Difficulty: Intermediate🟨
    • Paper Requirements:
      • Shape: Square
      • Colour: two sheets of paper are needed per model, one red and one green 🟥🟩 (one-sided)
      • Size: the bigger the better, ideally 24×24 cm
  • Bat🦇
    • Designed by Hiroaki Kobayashi
    • Difficulty: Easy✅
    • Paper Requirements: Square, 6×6 inch works nicely

Don’t let us scare you off, join us for the evening!

☆ ҉ ◢▅◣Ξ◥▅◤Ξ◢▅◣Ξ◥▅◤ ҉ ★