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Sonobe Workshop! ◢◤

Sometimes, we need to remember to keep it simple🔠, so moving on to the next in our series on modular origami, we’re introducing sonobe origami! Unlike our previous modular models, where either exactly 12 or 30 units were needed, sonobe models are far more flexible in terms of the number of identical modules required to make a single assembly. One full sonobe assembly can be made from 3 to 30 modules. Sonobe modules can also be used to make more geometrically familiar shapes like cubes🟦 or triangular hexahedrons🔺( you’ve definitely seen this prism before, though you probably didn’t know what it was called).

Hello, folders!

Welcome to the beginning of another year!⭐I hope your winter break was full of many well-rested nights💤 and your toes stayed toasty!☕ Our first workshop of the year takes place this 📆Friday, January 21, 2022📆 at⌚ 8 – 9 PM EST ⌚. Come find us in our Discord’s workshop 🔉voice channel as usual during the workshop time if you need a bit of help or just want some random banter.
Our Discord is right here, . Come whenever and stay as long as you like or until the workshop ends.

With sonobe being the theme of this week, technically, we’re only featuring one model, but also technically it’s an infinite amount, since the sonobe unit can be used for countless different assemblies, but no matter, here’s what you need to know, regardless:


  • Designed by: Mitsunobu Sonobe
  • Difficulty: Beginner ✅✅✅
  • 📜 Paper Requirements 📜 :
    • Shape: Square 🟧
    • 📐Size of Paper (recommended): 7.5 x 7.5 cm, i.e. one piece of 15x15cm square paper, split into 4 squares
    • 🔢Number of Sheets Required: for the models shown below, from left to right; 6, 30, 12, 3

Here’s to a new year!✨ ( plus two weeks or so)