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Cat Origami Workshop! ^>ܫ< ^

Don’t underestimate cats! 😺They’ve been to space🐱‍🚀, served in the British Royal Army in WWII🐱‍ 🎖, and could absolutely kitty-punch you so hard that you experience short-term amnesia. 🐱‍🤜(see Kayden, AKA Casein Nitrate, in Eleceed)
————ฅ^⇀ﻌ↼^ฅ ——————
Greetings folders,

This week, we’re bringing you another cat-themed workshop that totally isn’t inspired by the awesomeness of Kayden (from the webtoon, Eleceed). Nope, definitely not, ignore my recent webtoon history! 😉

Regardless, do you want to learn more cat models? Then come to our workshop! It’s this 📆Friday, January 28📆, from ⌚7 -9 PM⌚ in the workshop 🔉voice channel of our Discord server.
(Hm? Where’s the server invite link? Oh, look what the cat dragged in! (^ΦωΦ*^) —— > )

We have two models prepared for this week:

🐈Cat on the Moon🌙

  • Difficulty: Intermediate 🟨
  • 📜 Paper Requirements:
    • Shape: Square 🟧
    • 📐Size of Paper (recommended): 24 x 24 cm (10×10 in)

🍝Fat Cat 😻

  • Difficulty: Beginner- Intermediate ✅🟨
  • 📜 Probable Paper Requirements
  • (take with a pinch of salt, I don’t have access to the model diagrams currently, T_T) :
    • Shape: Square 🟧
    • 📐Size of Paper (recommended): 15×15 cm

Instructions will be posted in the #diagrams 🔠text channel
Have a purr-fect day!
———^>ܫ< ^————