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Pringles Man Workshop😋

Poor Mr. Julius Pringles is slowly losing more hair with each logo redesign, maybe it’s the stress of the past 50 or so years getting to him 👴, though the chips seem to taste the same. (Did you know Pringles were invented in 1968???) Regardless, let’s help Mr. Pringles relive his youth by encapsulating him with paper.
Hello tired morning souls,

I hope your day started out with your favourite dose of caffeine🍵 and something to eat too.🍴 This week, we’re bringing to you the Man on The Can himself, Mr. Pringles! Come join us this 📆Friday, Febuary 4📆, from ⌚7 -9 PM⌚ in the workshop 🔉voice channel of our Discord server. (Find us here: )

We’re featuring just one model this week:

  • Mr. Potato Chips” (Mr. Pringles)
    • Difficulty: Intermediate 🟨
    • Designed by: Katsuta Kyohei
    • 📜 Paper Requirements:
      • Shape: Square 🟧
      • 📐Size of Paper (recommended): 24 x 24 cm (10×10 in)

Lucy and I recommend you eat something before looking at the banner!😋