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🐶Puppy Workshop!!! ♡(ᐢ ᴥ ᐢし​)

Why was the dog🐶 able to jump higher than a building?🏦
Because buildings can’t jump!
。:゚૮ ˶ˆ ﻌ ˆ˶ ა ゚:。

Hello​ folders!

​We’ve covered hamsters, snakes, birds, fish, and cats (twice, actually), so how could we forget about our adorable puppies? ♡(ᐢ ᴥ ᐢし​)​​ I’ll cut right to the chase. March’s first workshop ​will take place this Friday, 📆March 4, 2022, at⌚ 7 – 9 PM​​, online, in our workshop voice channel in our Discord (​)​,​ join us whenever and stay as long as you like (or until 9 PM).​ Lucy will be teaching two puppy models; links to their instructions will be posted shortly before the workshop.

Here’s a few more details about our upcoming furry friends:

  • 🐶Nodding Dog 🐕
    • Difficulty: ​Beginner-friendly ✅✅✅ ​
    • Designed by: ​Origami with Xu Quanlin
    • 📜 Paper Requirements: ​
      • ​Shape: Square 🟧​
      • ​📐Size of Paper (recommended): ​two sheets are needed/model, one 10×10 cm, one 9x9cm​
  • ​​🐕Dog 🐕
    • Difficulty: ​Beginner-friendly ✅✅✅ ​
    • Designed by: ​Tavin’s Origami Instructions
    • 📜 Paper Requirements: ​
      • ​Shape: Square ​🟦​
      • ​📐Size of Paper (recommended): ​15x​15cm (6in)

P.S. March 11’s workshop will be in person, an official email will be sent out soon, but registration is already available in Discord.