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Origami Workshop: Rabbits 🐰and rabbits🐇 and mooncakes🌙 under the moon


Hello, folders!⭐
Welcome back to school to all of our returning members and to all of our new members, welcome to the club!🎉

This announcement includes information about our first workshop, and our origami shop discount so keep scrolling if that interests you!

Our first workshop this year was inspired by our VPI’s cravings for mooncakes. The capitalistic nature of holidays made the festive dessert more than a bit out of his budget.💸 However, there’s almost always an origami version of anything! 😉

This workshop will take place 📆Friday, September 23, 2022 from ⌚4:30 PM to 6:30 PM at 🧭SS 1086 (Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1086). Feel free to join us anytime throughout our workshop time and leave as you wish. We’ve selected origami models with a variety of difficulties, so whether you have zero experience or a bit more than the average person, we will hopefully have something that suits your skill level. Also, we provide paper, so fold as much as you want. (And maybe even snag a few sheets to take home with you)

In Chinese folklore, there’s a rabbit that lives on the moon.🌙 In some stories, the rabbit is the one diligently making mooncakes. As a result, for this workshop, we are featuring numerous rabbit models, alongside our mooncake model and crescent moon! Instructions will be available as diagrams and/or videos for participants to follow. A few copies of any diagrams will be printed and available during the workshop, however, pdfs for the diagrams and links to the videos will be available in our Discord shortly before the workshop, as well.

(Did you know we had a Discord? Join us for the quickest response to any of your origami/club questions and to see what other members of the club have made recently! https://discord.com/invite/tbRjWCDnJs)

Here’s a quick rundown of the models that we’re featuring:

Beginner Apple Rabbit

  • Difficulty: Extremely friendly for Beginners 

Crescent Moon

  • Difficulty: Easy 
  • Notes: Yes, the Mid-Autumn Festival is held during a full moon, but this crescent moon model looks cool


  • Difficulty: Easy 

Easy Standing Rabbit

  • Difficulty: Easy 

Balloon Rabbit (x2)

  • Difficulty: Easy 

Running Rabbit

  • Difficulty: Low-Intermediate 
  • Designed by: Hsi-Min Tai


  • Difficulty: Higher Intermediate
  • Designed by: Gen Hagiwara

The mid-autumn full moon may have passed, but we can’t wait to see you again!🌙

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