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Autumn Origami Workshop! 🍁🦢🍄

Autumn leaves swirl around and cover the land with the colours of a flame. 🍁🍂 There’s no brighter signal than this to show the semester is well underway. Things may start becoming (or already are) stressful, even so, try to take a walk every now and then, and enjoy these beautiful colours while they last.

🍂 .。❅⋆⍋🍁⍋⋆❅。. 🍂
Hello folders!

Thank you to everyone who attended our workshop last week! We saw so many new (and yet also a couple of familiar) faces!

This week, our workshop will take place on 📆Friday, September 30, 2022 from ⌚4:30 PM to 6:30 PM at 🧭SS 1086 (Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1086). Come whenever, leave whenever. Various difficulties are available in terms of the origami models, so you’ll leave with at least one complete model in hand (but I wouldn’t be surprised if you had more). Paper will be provided, and no registration or fee is required.

This event was inspired by my favourite maple-leaf-motif, wandering samurai from Genshin all the lovely trees on campus, as well as the annoying geese. Diagrams will be available and a few copies will be printed. However, pdfs for the diagrams will be available in our Discord (check the text channel diagrams) shortly before the start of the workshop, as well. (Discord here: https://discord.com/invite/tbRjWCDnJs )

Our models this time are:

🍄Fly Agaric Mushroom🍄
Designed by: Fumiaki Shingu
Difficulty: Easy ✅

Designed by: John Montroll
Difficulty: Easy ✅

🍁Diaz Maple Leaf
Designed by: Roman Diaz
Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate ✅🟨
Showed on the banner as the orange maple leaf

🍂🍁Kamiya Maple Leaf
Designed by: Satoshi Kamiya
Difficulty: Intermediate 🟨
Showed on the banner as the red maple leaf