Past Events

Monthly Workshops

General meeting (September 24th, 2010.)

The club was introduced and boxes, stars, cranes, and wallets were folded. Camera was forgotten at home so photos are MIA, but everyone was happy so it’s all good. The end. =)

Halloween Workshop (October 22, 2010.)

We folded cats and bats and other scary things. Several ghost sightings were reported (note the phantom hand above Jessica’s head.)

Winter Holidays Workshop (November 26th, 2010.)

We hid away in a little corner on the 4th floor of GB and folded little penguins and santa hats (aren’t they cute?) A few brave souls attempted Santa and Totoro (and succeeded, because we are awesome that way.) Photos are up on Flickr and Facebook.

Lunar New Year Workshop (January 21st, 2011.)

… was just our excuse to build a rabbit army. May bunnies rule the world.

Rose Workshops I and II (February 2011, various weeks of.)

What did we fold? I think it was roses. And, more importantly, leaves and callyxes.

Modular Origami Workshop (March, date TBA)

Other Events

(’cause, you know, there’s more to origami than folding paper.)

Movie Night I (November 19th, 2010.)

We watched The Prestige (directed by The Inception guy) and consumed chips and pop. Free of charge =)

Movie Night II (February 11th, 2011.)

We watched Memories of Murder (Korean murder mystery) and 25% of Kill Bill I (a very gory movie that was thankfully interrupted by laptop power problems. Hallelujah.) Oh, and there was Pringles and Coke.

Origami Society Field Trip (February 17th, 2011.)

We met the awesome folks over at Japan Foundation, who taught us to fold hanging thingies (I haven’t figured out what they are either, but that’s what keeps life interesting, right?) Thank you, Japan Foundation. =)

Stay tuned for more info on other events!

3 thoughts on “Past Events

  1. Hello,

    I am interested in joining the club and would like to attend the upcoming event on January 21st. Where will it be held?

    Thank you kindly 🙂


  2. I was surfing for an origami crane wind chime , saw your green crane with one bell, LOVED it. Can you please send me instructions and a place to get the same bell. Thanks in advance.

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