Guinness World Record Project Committee Executives

Susan Cui – President

Susan Cui – President

    • 3rd Year – Double Majoring in International Relations & Economics
    • Responsible for overseeing all activities (internal and external) within the project committee
    • The main contact for sponsorship and fundraising activities for the project
    • Head of the Guinness World Record Project Committee


Lucy Yeung – Vice-President External

  • 4th Year – Specializing in Pharmacology
  • Responsible for overseeing all external partnerships and activities

Judi Yang – Secretary

  • 2nd Year – Double Majoring in Physiology & Immunology
  • In charge of taking all meeting minutes within the committee as well as subcommittees

Michael Liu – Guinness Meeting Coordinator & Record Manager

  • 3rd Year – Specializing in Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Facilitates Wednesday Guinness Meetings
  • In charge of submitting the application and all evidences for the record project

Diane Liu – Website & Social Media Manager & Guinness Meeting Coordinator

  • U of T Alumni
  • Responsible for distributing stats and reminders through all social media outlets and website
  • Facilitates Saturday Guinness Meetings

April Ly – Guinness Meeting Coordinator

  • 3rd Year – Double Majoring in Nutritional Science & Health and Disease
  • Facilitates Monday Guinness Meetings

Evelyn Lam – Flower Counter

  • 3rd Year – Double Majoring in Immunology & Human Biology
  • Gives weekly stats on flower counts as well as re-counts