(Last updated March 2014)

F.O.L.D. membership is free. However, in order to become an official member of F.O.L.D. with full rights and benefits, you must register with us online here.

We also offer a yearly $5 Membership Discount Card which will get you a 10-15% discount at various art stores and Japanese restaurants (in-process) in the Downtown Toronto area. For an updated list of vendors that accept the Membership Discount Card, please visit our Sponsor section of our website -> click Corporate Sponsors -> look at Membership Discount Sponsors. If you want to purchase a card, please send us an email at with the subject line Purchase: Membership Discount Card and with the content as your Name, Email, and the time you can come to make the transaction for your card at our office located at 21 Sussex Avenue Room 532.

Membership Discount Card front and back.

6 thoughts on “Membership

  1. hello,

    i am wondering if you have a mailing list that i can join. i like origami and would like to learn more and help with your various projects! can i still become a member? do you have any upcoming events planned for November? who do I talk to about becoming a member?

    hope to hear back from you soon!


    1. Hi Sarah,

      We do indeed have a mailing list. All you need to do is email our general club address,

      For November, we’re in the process of looking at several possible events in collaboration with some other clubs, as well as the usual monthly workshop, and some more rose classes.

      If you catch any of the execs in real life you can ask them to become a member ;). Just check on the website for more event updates or come to our office hours. I’ll post a updated list under “Contact” soon.

  2. Hey
    I was/a, a member for the past 2 yrs. Want to renew. And was just wonderring how come u guys dnt email me with info anymore?


    1. To be honest, since most of the original exec team graduated, it took us a while to get the listserv working. I’ve gotten it underway though, so you should get an email from us today. (I’ll add you to the listserv again, if you’re not on it already =))


    1. You asked just in time =). They begin this Wednesday; we’ve just sent an email out regarding this.

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