Past Projects

Past Projects

Valentine’s Day Rose Project

This year, we recruited a team of faithful minions to fold and assemble roses for the most romantic and heartwarming night of the school year. Fingers were pricked, hands were glue-gunned, but most importantly, roses were folded. Over 100 fully assembled roses were shaped into creation, and set free into the cold relentless world that is university life (I exaggerate. The roses were sold at Sidney Smith for $2.50.) Total revenue? $267, all of which will be donated to SickKids Hospital. We hope it will bring warmth to cold hands and happiness into the hardest of hearts. =)

That Giant Paper Crane from Clubs Day

… is still alive and in our office.

Vital stats:

  • Name: Florina
  • Age: 7 months (152.38 crane years)
  • Gender: Open to debate
  • Favourite food: Candied ginger with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. Also, apples.
  • Leisure activities: Sitting, sighing, staring out the window and contemplating life.

Interesting Facts:

  • Made from four sheets of white paper taped together
  • Decorated by our (totally awesome) exec team
  • The product of two whole days of slave labour in an unfed and sleep-deprived state on the 11th floor of Robarts library
  • Still stands, strong and dignified, ignored but unperturbed,  in the FOLD office (right beside the manga collection and pancake mix left behind by the anime club)
Roses attached to a stem, calyx semi-attached. Waiting for leaves, stem-wrapping, and a plastic cover
Bouquets Under Construction

Orihime: Valentine Roses is a project undertaken by FOLD in collaboration with Volunteer Resources at the Toronto Western Hospital and its volunteers. The goal is to make 400 roses, which are to be sold at the hospital for fund raising purposes. Students who participate in this FOLD project will have to opportunity to volunteer at the hospital.

A few from a thousand
A few from a thousand

Senbazuru: One Thousand Paper Crane is a long-term project aimed to involve the student body of the University of Toronto in folding one thousand paper cranes. For every folded crane, F.O.L.D. hopes to receive $1.00 in donation. All proceeds will go directly to an organization with a specific cause voted by the students at the university.