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Origami Tissue Boxes

    A-a-achoo! It’s that time of the year again… You’ll be hearing coughs and sniffles from every corner of your lecture hall for the next few weeks. But, fear not, UTFOLD is here to help! Join us at our workshop next Friday to learn how to fold mini origami tissue boxes! We’ll be in… Continue reading Origami Tissue Boxes


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Fall Election and Lucky Stars Origami

    There are six available Exec positions, and here is the form where you can select what you’re running for: https://utfold.com/exec-positions/. We’ll be folding Lucky Stars and cute modular boxes to store them in. They’ll be the easiest thing we fold until the semester ends. Yay! :3  

Social Event · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Icebreaker Origami

    New members will have the opportunity to show off their talent before the Fall Election! The theme is “fold something that represents you.” Whether that something is a crumpled paper representing a potato or a pristine unfolded sheet, no one will judge you for not having expertise in the art form (we only… Continue reading Icebreaker Origami

Social Event · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

UTFOLD First General Meeting (2018-2019)

    Come join us this Friday for some diverse folding fun! Instructors will be Execs from this year and the one prior. All skill levels are welcome~!! There will be a brief info session about the club as well as one at the end for those interested in the remaining Exec/Coordinator positions.