This page is dedicated to promoting and recognizing the sponsors and partners of UTFOLD. We cherish each and every one of our Corporate Sponsors, Community Partners, and department affiliations within the university, and would like to say a huge thanks for their continued interest and support. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or partner of UTFOLD, please contact us at ut.fold@gmail.com. We love to hear from you!

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    Among the best carriers of origami paper, Origami-Shop offers not only a wide variety of traditional papers (i.e. Kami) at competitive pricing but also an incredible assortment of specialty papers. 

    The website features exclusive biotope, tissue foil, washi, kraft, and more! Thus, we are delighted to announce that Origami-Shop will be UTFOLD’s primary 2019-2020 sponsor. 

(not selling membership cards in 2020-2021) UTFOLD membership is free, but we still have a pile of membership cards which are purchasable for $5. Here is our current offer for only UTFOLD members:


  • A 15% discount code to Origami-Shop 
  • 1 pack 5-colour (R/O/Y/G/B) 100-sheet Kami

    At this pricing, UTFOLD will make a profit (< $2) per membership card sale. This strengthens our funding application to UTSU/EngSoc. It will also serve as a side source of revenue for purchasing better origami paper for the entire club and its programs (i.e. with Toronto Public Library and SickKids). This is financially the second-best way to support our club and help us give back to the community. The card can be bought during our workshops and office hours. 

In Progress

  • UTFOLD will look into Origami-Shop’s commission and retailer discount offers.
  • The Papery has responded positively to our purchasing tissue at a discount. We would need to meet with them in-person to secure a sponsorship.
  • If the membership card does not sell well, then expect to see it bundled with competition prizes or as a bonus gift during bake sales.

Paper Donations

    A lot of members have voiced their willingness to donate origami paper and books. We will gladly accept these donations, but please make sure it is something you’ll never want to use again. Even a pack of paper collecting dust on your shelf can someday help share the joy of origami to your friends and family, which is no less valuable than the way we use the paper!

    When we teach origami to companies, we love it when they donate paper back. In recent memory (summer 2018), Amazon donated $90 of Kami plus chiyogami paper to UTFOLD! This generosity helped fuel our programs with non-profit community partners (i.e. STORYgami 2018-2019). 

Community Partners

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Off-campus Programs (currently on hold due to COVID-19)

  • STORYgami (Lillian H. Smith Library)
  • SickKids x UTFOLD (SickKids Hospital)
  • ENGAGE Program (Toronto Western Hospital)

Partnered Student Groups

Department Affiliations

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U of T Club Recognition

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