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Electra Workshop (Collaboration with SAAUT!)

   Happy new year, origami enthusiasts! This week, we will be collaborating with the Students’ Alzheimer’s Alliance (SAAUT)! On Friday, January 11th, UTFOLD and SAAUT members will be folding the modular Electra model in SS1088, for the SAAUT’s upcoming gala. We hope to see you there! o(^▽^)o

Social Event · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

UTAMA-Chan Workshop!

   This week, we are partnering up with the U of T Anime and Manga Association (UTAMA) to fold a model of their adorable mascot, UTAMA-chan! The design is loosely based off a 3D origami doll. This is our final workshop for the semester. Thanks for making it a great year! Enjoy your holiday season, and have… Continue reading UTAMA-Chan Workshop!

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Pegasus Workshop

    This week, our workshop theme is… Pegasi! (…Pegasi? Pegasuses? Who knows. 「(゚ペ)) This workshop will be led by our wonderful Specialty Instructor, Kevin Ton! You will have a choice in which Pegasus model you fold, and the difficulty varies in each one. In addition, you will have the opportunity to use treated Unryu paper~! Hope… Continue reading Pegasus Workshop