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Super Transforming 2D/3D Ninja Star

Hiya,  Awaken your inner ninja, for the time to stealth-fold Super Transforming 2D and 3D Ninja Stars has arrived, de gorazu! The workshop takes place on 9/26/20 (Saturday) from 3-5 PM EST. Once again, we will be under the ‘Voice Channels’ section of our Discord server, UTFOLD[er]. These beginner-intermediate models were designed by JeremyShaferOrigami, based off Robert Neale’s… Continue reading Super Transforming 2D/3D Ninja Star

Social Event

UTFOLD Fall Election 2020: Let the running begin! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  Thank you for another great evening of origami! The poll on Discord suggests that we will shift the workshop time to Saturday 3-5 PM EST, which will hopefully make the next Weekly Fold more convenient to attend.    The period for submitting campaign materials for the UTFOLD Fall Election 2020 has opened! If you want to run for… Continue reading UTFOLD Fall Election 2020: Let the running begin! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Origami Dragons this Friday!

   This is our second workshop for the semester. It’s held at the usual time: Friday (5-7 PM EST). If attendance is low, then we will send out a poll to see whether or not people prefer folding during the weekends. This ( is the invite link for the UTFOLD server, and the video call… Continue reading Origami Dragons this Friday!

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Origami Wars: Return of the UTFOLD

Rising moons, fellow origamitroopers of the Galactic Empire! Workshops will resume on the upcoming Monday (9/7/20). The Learn to Fold event is a collaboration with Homebase. It will feature models of varying difficulties to simultaneously expand the origami empire and welcome back returning members. The relevant diagrams, video links, and printables are now posted in… Continue reading Origami Wars: Return of the UTFOLD