Scavenger Hunt Halloween Event

Hi everyone, The Halloween open house is this Thursday in the club house and we’re invited to join! It runs from 4PM-6PM and we’re doing a scavenger hunt as well as Halloween themed folding. For the scavenger hunt, we have 9 models, please indicate which one(s) you could fold and bring to the event. As… Continue reading Scavenger Hunt Halloween Event

Social Event

Candidate Statements for 2017 Spring Election

The speech component of the official 2017 spring election will take place on March 24th, 2017 5-6pm at SS1086. Below are your candidates. Presidential Candidate (s): ——- Victor Chang ——- Why do you want to be an executive for FOLD? I like origami. Briefly describe any related experiences that qualify you for the position that you… Continue reading Candidate Statements for 2017 Spring Election