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Trash Can Workshop! UofT x Global Kitchen

Midterm season is just wrapping up, so chances are you probably filled up pages and pages of paper with scrap work. You should recycle all of that paper♻, but maybe your recycling bin is too far away or maybe it’s already overflowing. Whatever the case, come join us and Global Kitchen and we’ll show you… Continue reading Trash Can Workshop! UofT x Global Kitchen

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🌻Sunflowers for SickKids IN-PERSON Workshop!

I think we’re all a bit more tired than we were at the beginning of the year.😞 So for those of you who want some time to just mindlessly relax 😌with some actual ambient chatter💬, perhaps you can consider joining us for an evening of folding sunflowers at Hart House? ━━━━━━━━»•» 🌻«•«━Hi folders, Have you… Continue reading 🌻Sunflowers for SickKids IN-PERSON Workshop!

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🐶Puppy Workshop!!! ♡(ᐢ ᴥ ᐢし​)

Why was the dog🐶 able to jump higher than a building?🏦Because buildings can’t jump!。:゚૮ ˶ˆ ﻌ ˆ˶ ა ゚:。 —–​​🐾​——-​​🐾—–​​🐾​——–Hello​ folders! ​We’ve covered hamsters, snakes, birds, fish, and cats (twice, actually), so how could we forget about our adorable puppies? ♡(ᐢ ᴥ ᐢし​)​​ I’ll cut right to the chase. March’s first workshop ​will take place… Continue reading 🐶Puppy Workshop!!! ♡(ᐢ ᴥ ᐢし​)

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Monster Hunter Origami Workshop!

⚔Come forth, brave heroes, and defeat the monsters of the New World! 🐉You look new here, haven’t you heard? The Guild is recruiting Hunters for the Research Commission to investigate the New World! Something about the elder dragons acting strange, I think. Are you interested in joining? …What? You only got the attack power of… Continue reading Monster Hunter Origami Workshop!

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Pringles Man Workshop😋

Poor Mr. Julius Pringles is slowly losing more hair with each logo redesign, maybe it’s the stress of the past 50 or so years getting to him 👴, though the chips seem to taste the same. (Did you know Pringles were invented in 1968???) Regardless, let’s help Mr. Pringles relive his youth by encapsulating him… Continue reading Pringles Man Workshop😋