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————- ✧/ᐠ-ꞈ-ᐟ\ ————Psst, did you know that there’s a new place in town to get your fix? Your folding fix. Head on down to the 🧭Cat’s Eye (Victoria College) on 📆Oct 21, ⌚5 – 7 PM. They got all kinds of gambling games and refreshments. Remember, no snitches.(ღゝ◡╹)————- ✧/ᐠ-ꞈ-ᐟ\ ————Hi folders, We’ve booked 🧭Cat’s Eye… Continue reading

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Cube Animals ᏊᵕꈊᵕᏊ Folding Workshop!!!!!!!

*Excited Sheep bursts into Sleepy Sheep’s pen at the crack of dawn* Excited Sheep Ꮚ•̀ꈊ•́Ꮚ : Hey, hey, you awake?!? Guess what?Sleepy Sheep Ꮚ-_-Ꮚ : No, I’m tired. Excited Sheep Ꮚ•̀ꈊ•́Ꮚ : There’s gonna be a workshop! We’re gonna be in it!! And Frog and Elephant, too!!!Sleepy Sheep Ꮚ-_-Ꮚ :I could’ve gotten five more minutes… Continue reading Cube Animals ᏊᵕꈊᵕᏊ Folding Workshop!!!!!!!

Social Event · Weekly FOLD

Poké Ball Boxes + Pokémon Showdown Social Ϟ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)⋆

Welcome to the world of Pokémon! Our name is UTFOLD! People call us the origami club. This world is inhabited by folded papers called origami! For some people, origami is an art. Others use it for stress-relief. UTFOLD… we manufacture origami Poké Balls, or at least that’s what we’ll be doing this upcoming Saturday! On… Continue reading Poké Ball Boxes + Pokémon Showdown Social Ϟ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)⋆

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Giant Sea Creatures

Hi everyone! Dory: [speaking whale] Muuuuwwwweeeee neeeeeeeed tooouuuu foooooolllld giiiiiiiaaant sea creatuuuurrrres. UTFOLD member: flees Dory: Come baAAAaaaaccccggkk. The semester is in full swing, and we hope all of you are faring whale. This Saturday, from 3-5 PM EST, Anna will teach three giant sea creature models. There is a 46-step humpback whale, 41-step killer whale… Continue reading Giant Sea Creatures