FOLD (2020-2021) · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Giant Sea Creatures

Hi everyone!

Dory: [speaking whale] Muuuuwwwweeeee neeeeeeeed tooouuuu foooooolllld giiiiiiiaaant sea creatuuuurrrres.

UTFOLD member: flees

Dory: Come baAAAaaaaccccggkk.

The semester is in full swing, and we hope all of you are faring whale. This Saturday, from 3-5 PM EST, Anna will teach three giant sea creature models. There is a 46-step humpback whale, 41-step killer whale and 42-step dolphin. Difficulty-wise, the models fall in the beginner-intermediate through intermediate range.We will meet up in the ‘workshop’ voice channel of the UTFOLD[er] Discord server. Diagrams are in the ‘see-sea-creatures’ text channel. If you would like to fold a model that isn’t featured or just want a break, then you are welcome to join in as well! Hope to see you all there! (^o^)/