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Super Transforming 2D/3D Ninja Star

Awaken your inner ninja, for the time to stealth-fold Super Transforming 2D and 3D Ninja Stars has arrived, de gorazu! The workshop takes place on 9/26/20 (Saturday) from 3-5 PM EST. Once again, we will be under the ‘Voice Channels’ section of our Discord server, UTFOLD[er].
These beginner-intermediate models were designed by JeremyShaferOrigami, based off Robert Neale’s 8-pointed Transforming Ninja Star. You will want to use eight sheets of 4+” (10+ cm square) paper for the 2D version or nine sheets for the 3D one. Solid-colour kami is the best choice because the white side may peek out. Squares cut from coloured paper, flyers, magazines, etc. also work. No Rinnegans and Sharingans needed, hooray!  
Since the models take a variable amount of time to fold, we’ll play some rounds of Skribbl as attendees finish folding. It’s a draw-and-guess game that should break the ice a bit.
Remember to submit your campaign materials before 9/25/20 11:59 PM EST if you want to be on the ballot! Let’s make the election day 9/26/20. The ballot will be sent out alongside the final workshop notification and close at midnight. So, if you feel like running but don’t want to make a video, then the upcoming workshop is the best occasion to win over a few extra votes.