Coordinators (2018-2019)

Hospital & Community Outreach Ambassadors

Jingxiu Ji – Japan Foundation Ambassador

  • Coordinates relationship and activities between Japan Foundation and FOLD

TBD – Toronto Western Hospital Ambassador

  • Coordinates relationship and activities between Toronto Western Hospital and FOLD

Ifrah Saeed – Sickkids Ambassador

  • Coordinates relationship and activities between Sickkids Hospital and FOLD
  • Plans, prepares, and teaches weekly origami programs for children

Ifrah Saeed – Toronto Public Library Ambassador

  • Coordinates relationship and activities between Japan Foundation and FOLD
  • In charge of the Storygami project (workshops for children)

Sponsorship Committee

TBD – Public Relations Associate

  • Assists Vice-President External and President with all sponsorship activities within the club

Internal Operations

Desmond Chang – Logistics Coordinator

  • In charge of regular documentation, maintenance, and purchase of inventories for the club
  • Contributes to workshop and event preparation


Jingxiu Ji – Advanced Workshop Coordinator

  • Hosts monthly Advanced Workshops that are dedicated towards tackling one or more intermediate-advanced level origami models
  • In charge of planning the Advanced Workshop and figuring out the instructional content behind the origami model(s) that will be taught during the workshop
  • List of workshops taught: (ongoing)

Kevin Ton – Specialty Instructor

  • Plans and hosts individual workshop of the instructor’s interest

Tony Shi – Assistant Instructor 

  • Explains challenging steps during any instructor’s workshop
  • Dates role fulfilled in 2018-2019 school year: 9/14, (ongoing)

Art Committee

TBD – Art Associate

  • Assists the Director of Art with full development of artistic content within the club

Media Committee

TBD – Media Associate

  • Assists the President in the creation of promotional videos within the club

Past Coordinators

Veean Chen – Toronto Public Library Ambassador (2017-2018)

Iris Hu – Advanced Workshop Coordinator (2016-2017)

Steve Chang – Specialty Instructor (2016-2017)

Clarissa Wirianto – Assistant Instructor (2016-2017), Logistics Coordinator (2016-2017)

Sophia Pham – Art Associate (2016-2017), Toronto Public Library Ambassador (2016-2018)

Ariel Ho – Toronto Western Hospital Ambassador

Michael Liu – Art Associate (2015-2016)

Princen Wong – Assistant Instructor (2015-2016)

Carrie Zhang – Assistant Instructor (2015-2017)

Kevin Ton – Instructor (2015-2016)

Steven Chang – Advanced Workshop Coordinator (2015-2016)

Nancy Vu – Logistics Coordinator / Paper Engineer (2015-2016)

Jojo Yin – Public Relations Associate (2015-2016)

Rosalyn Wong – Toronto Public Library Ambassador (2015-2016)

Ifrah Saeed – Toronto Public Library & Sickkids Ambassador (2015-2018)

Anwesha Sen – Japan Foundation (2015-2016)

Elaine Wen – Sickkids Ambassador (2015-2016)

Sally Moy – Sickkids Ambassador (2015-2016)

Susan Guo – Toronto Western Hospital Ambassador (2015-2016)

Aditya Nair – Toronto Western Hospital Ambassador (2014-2015)

Sally Moy – Sickkids Ambassador (2015)

Michael Yu – Advanced Workshop Coordinator (2014-2015)

Anwesha Sem – Media Associate (2015)

Kevin Ton – Paper Engineer Coordinator, Instructor (2014-2015)

Afifa Saleem – Art Associate (2015)

April Ly – Art Associate (2013-2015)

Jessica Wong – Sickkids Ambassador (2012-2014)

Vincent Rishea – Advanced Workshop Coordinator (2013-2014)