Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Pegasus Workshop

    This week, our workshop theme is… Pegasi! (…Pegasi? Pegasuses? Who knows. 「(゚ペ)) This workshop will be led by our wonderful Specialty Instructor, Kevin Ton! You will have a choice in which Pegasus model you fold, and the difficulty varies in each one. In addition, you will have the opportunity to use treated Unryu paper~! Hope… Continue reading Pegasus Workshop


Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Origami Dragon Advanced Workshop

   Hello origami folders! We have an exciting challenge for you this week – come out on Friday to learn how to fold Jo Nakashima’s dragon with foil paper! This week’s workshop will be led by our Advanced Workshop Coordinator, Jingxiu Ji!    (Please note that this model will be more challenging than those at our previous… Continue reading Origami Dragon Advanced Workshop

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Tetris Board Origami

    This week marks the faithful return of modular origami~!! On Friday, we will be folding multiple simple sonobe units to create Tetris blocks. Dive deep and stretch the limits of your perceptual ability! For our experienced members looking for a challenge – stay tuned for more information about the advanced workshop on October… Continue reading Tetris Board Origami