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UTFOLD x UTAMA: Sailor Scout Dress ☽༓・*˚⁺‧

If you’re a fan of cute crafts or anime, then the next workshop is not one to miss! In this year’s collaboration with the Anime and Manga Association (UTAMA), we are hosting a Sailor Moon-themed event. The origami model is a sailor scout uniform of beginner difficulty, and UTAMA will stream the first six episodes of Sailor Moon! For instructions, there are two videos by PaperKawaii under the ‘anigrams’ text channel. We posted a template there as well, so that attendees less interested in Sailor Moon can fold with colour schemes from Cardcaptor, Madoka, etc. 🌙

The workshop will be held on Saturday 10/24 2-5 PM in the UTFOLD Discord ‘workshop’ voice channel (, drop-in style as per usual. Between episodes, we will take 3-5 minute breaks for attendees to ask origami questions. During the breaks, we will also play trivia on the shows featured in the template. Extremely casual trivia in which the first person who types the correct answer in ‘workshop-text’ wins!


1. Scissors

2. Paper (2+ options)

  • Print from the template OR
  • 1 sheet of 15 x 15 cm [paper] colour 1 (corset) + 1 sheet of 15 x 15 cm [paper] colour 2 (skirt) + 1 strip of 3.75 x 15 cm [paper] colour 2 (collar) + 1 scrap of 3.75 x 3.75 cm [paper] colour 3 (bow)
  • [paper] = origami standard kami, printer paper, coloured paper, gift wrap paper, etc.

3. Glue (optional)