FOLD (2020-2021) · Social Event · Weekly FOLD

Origami Nargacuga & Vampire Mouth + Halloween Google Doodle Triathlon (㇏(•̀ᵥᵥ•́)ノ)

Origamers, rise up! 🎃

On Halloween 3-6 PM EST, we will hold a dreadfully cursed workshop plus social. The models are the Nargacuga from Monster Hunter and… Dracula’s dentures?! 🧛‍♂️

• Designed by @sakusaku858
• Difficulty: intermediate-beginner
• Steps: 103
• Paper: 24+ cm square

Vampire Mouth
• Designed by Jeremy Shafer
• Difficulty: intermediate-beginner
• Steps: 41
• Paper: 10 cm square

Diagram and video instructions for both are in the ‘holiyay’ tab of the Discord server. 
At 5 PM EST, we’ll start the Halloween Google Doodle triathlon! The winner will be hailed «Champion of Origames 2020».

1. Great Ghoul Duel (6 min)
• One practice round
• Purple or green team win will
• Players on the winning team continue competing in…

2. Candy Cup: (5 min)
• Contestants play for highest score until time is up
• Those with the top two scores will then face off in…

3. Magic Cat Academy (10 min)

If there is enough interest in a leaderboard, then attendees can screenshot and post their personal best scores.

For the Costume Fest, wear whatever makes you comfortable. Whether it’s a costume, cosplay, or a bunch of scraps lying around your home, whoever dresses the best based on majority opinion will get a free pass into the Candy Cup.

A spooky Halloween to all and may your midterms not be ghoulish!