🌸UTFOLD Fall 2022 Elections🍂

Hi folders!🌸 It’s that time of year again, UTFOLD executive elections💮 are happening! UTFOLD needs your help for a bright future! Current Execs are graduating or going on PEY, but the work we’ve done is well-documented in the Drive. With your excitement and UTFOLD’s 15-year-old foundation, new levels of epicness can be reached! To apply… Continue reading 🌸UTFOLD Fall 2022 Elections🍂

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Autumn Origami Workshop! 🍁🦢🍄

Autumn leaves swirl around and cover the land with the colours of a flame. 🍁🍂 There’s no brighter signal than this to show the semester is well underway. Things may start becoming (or already are) stressful, even so, try to take a walk every now and then, and enjoy these beautiful colours while they last.… Continue reading Autumn Origami Workshop! 🍁🦢🍄