FOLD Update: A New Year, A New Beginning

As the first day of school fast approaching, we would just like to share with you our progress over the last four months. Please continue to be with us as we grow and help us accomplish even more in the coming year.  We hope to see you at the UTSU Clubs’ Day. Before then, enjoy all that’s left of the summer, great weather is ahead =D !!!

1. Executive Team
2. Office Space
3. Clubs’ Day Orientation
4. General Meeting
5. Upcoming Projects/Events

1. Executive Team

Meet this year’s executive team at the first general meeting:

President: Lucy Xie
Vice-President Internal: Victoria Vu
Vice-President External: Sunny Yin
Secretary: Rachel Liu
Treasurer: Linda Zhao
Director of Arts and Design: Eileen Zhao
Webmaster: Wenchi Yin

2. Office Space
We are proud to present you with our new office space. Please come visit us during office hours (will be announced later).
Our location:

Sussex Clubhouse
21 Sussex Ave., Room 532
Toronto, ON, M5S 1J6

Office Hour: TBA
Notes: shared office space with UTAMA.

3. Clubs’ Day Orientation

This year’s club orientation will be held on:

Friday, September 4th @ King’s College Circle.

Look forward to games and prizes =D

Membership Fee: $5.00
Membership Package: plastic paper container (great to keep your paper supplies or even class notes in mint condition) + monthly paper supply + Instructional CD + membership card
Membership Benefit: monthly paper supply, 10% discount at the Paper Place (we are working on getting more membership discounts), an opportunity to become a volunteer at Toronto Western Hospital or at Sick Kids Hospital*** (see notes below)

4. General Meeting: TBA
We will be holding a general meeting at the beginning of the school year. The date and time will be decided and posted closer to the Clubs Day.

5. Projects/Events
FOLD is coming back with more events this year! Look out for announcements regarding the following collaborative projects in the coming months:
– Valentines Roses for Toronto Western Hospital
– Origami Workshops at Toronto Western Hospital and Sick Kids Hospital
– Collaborative Events with EFUT and Beyond Intellectual Discovery
– Fundraiser Initiatives: TBA

***Members must meet specific conditions and requirements to be able to enter into this specific volunteering division of FOLD and placements are limited. Members must also meet the requirements and commitment terms as per hospital instructions. Further information will provided later on in the school year.


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