October Workshop + Election

The time and date for our October workshop has been decided:

Friday, October 22nd @ SS1080 5-7PM

We will be folding Halloween-themed origami. Come and meet our (very friendly and totally awesome) execs and other fellow club members! Feel free to drag your friends.

Membership packages will be distributed during our meeting for all those who haven’t picked it up yet. We will also be handing out (free) monthly paper supplies for all members who bought the membership package. For those who haven’t bought a package but are desperately yearning for one, we will be selling more =)

We will be holding our election for new exec team members prior to the event. For those who applied, please prepare a short self-introductory speech (that will be ruthlessly scrutinized and psychoanalyzed by us all, just joking.)

(The above photo is of the giant paper crane currently sitting in our club office, yet to be named and yet to be loved and desperately in need of attention. SO please drop by during our office hours and say hi. Some facts about our lonely little bird:

  • It’s made from four sheets of white paper taped together
  • Decorated by our (very friendly and totally awesome) exec team members
  • Who slaved for hours deep into the night on the 11th floor of Robarts library, unfed and sleep-deprived, for two whole nights
  • Before realizing that paper bends and flops over
  • Thus had to resort to cardboard inserts for support (cut out from boxes shamelessly stolen from the recycling heap of neighbouring apartment building.)


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