March Workshop – Modular Origami

The time and location of the March workshop has been set. No featured pics for now because the subject of the picture, Mr. Springtime, is having some accessories made for him. We’ll show him as soon as our paper engineer is done!

Modular Origami Workshop
Friday, March 11
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
GB 119

Modular origami is where many repeating origami “modules” are stacked, connected, of fit together in such a way as to make a bigger model. To use an analogy, it’s like origami lego.

You’ll get a clearer idea once the photo of Mr. Springtime is uploaded. For now, here is an example.

We used to have a swan like this in the office, but it was taken back to its owner to be repaired, because people kept um… poking at it.

But fear not, we’ll not be expecting you to do this right off the bat. We’ll offer a little choice between difficulties, as usual.


One thought on “March Workshop – Modular Origami

  1. Mr. Springtime?! sounds intriguing…cannot imagine what “he” would look like to begin with, let alone with accessories! (guess I’m going to have to wait)

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