October Workshop

The time and location for our next origami workshop has been decided:

Thursday October 20th, 2011
5PM to 7PM
UC 85

This time, we will be focusing on Halloween and Thanksgiving-themed origami. Look forward to folding models such as the vampire, the cat, and the devil mask (the rest will be a surprise)! Whether you are a beginner or an origami master, we encourage you to come. Paper supplies will be provided, so just bring an open mind and an eager heart =)

Note: For those who have paid for (but not yet received) a fundraising package and/or a T-shirt at our last workshop, you will be able to pick them up at this event. We will also be selling additional fundraising packages and club T-shirts!


2 thoughts on “October Workshop

    1. Night class? Ah, that sucks man. Maybe you can come to the office hours? In fact, there’s gonna be some sort of change to the office hours soon that’ll make it easier to drop by. 🙂

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