January Workshop and Other Bits

A new year, a new workshop! Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!

Theme: Chinese New Year Animals & Flowers
Date: January 19, Thursday
Location: SS1088
Time: 6-8PM

Dragons and all kinds of critters, dancing in the fields of tulips and all kinds of flowers.

Other Bits

Office Hours: New office hours are posted. It will be on Wednesday, from 11AM-6PM.

Club Crawl (February 2, 3:00-6:00PM): Come and visit us during the UTSU hosted Club Crawl, an opportunity to visit the lively Sussex Clubhouse and learn about all the great clubs available on campus. An indoor indoor scavenger hunt with a theme (ex. last year it was 007, year before it was Sherlock Holmes).

FLC Origami Session (February 2, 3:00-4:30PM): FOLD will be participating in a origami workshop with first year FLCs. There will be around 60 participants. Members who are interested in volunteering or teaching can drop us an email!


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