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Leap Year Origami Movie Night


Join us for our first movie night event! We’ll be showing the film “Between the Folds”, a documentary about origami featuring many eccentric scientists!

“This film is much more than a loving look at the fascinating, brilliant characters who
devote their lives to folding paper. It reveals origami itself as richer and more intricate
than you could imagine… and by the end, you find yourself convinced that the mystery of
folding could be one of the universe’s deep secrets.”

— Chris Anderson, Curator, TED Conference

Winning at many as 12 awards at both local and international film festivals, this movie is rated as highly as many recent hits, like Hayao Miyazaki’s latest movie (The Secret World of Arriety), the latest Sherlock Holmes (A Game of Shadows), and Mission: Impossible 4. On Rotten Tomatoes, 94% of those who saw it liked it.

On top of all that, how many other documentaries about origami have you seen? This is like, THE origami movie.

When: Wednesday February 29th, 6-9PM

Where: SS1072

Refreshments will be served!


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