Weekly FOLD

Weekly FOLD: Frog and Tadpoles

Folded by Executives of FOLD

Toshikazu Kawasaki, as clued in by his name, is famous for the creation of flowers, namely the Kawasaki rose. He utilizes the technique of a twist fold, which allows the pedals to stand up. This method is now used in numerous rose models to achieve the same three dimensional effect. His models are known to be geometrically elegant, as seen by the design of the frog.

Akira Yoshizawa is considered by many to be the grandfather of origami. He had created thousands of models in his life time, of which only a few is documented in the 18 books that was published. One of his greatest innovation in the field of origami is the use of the “wet fold”, which involves the use of a brush to wet the paper, thus allowing folds to appear softer and natural.


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