Clubs Day 2012

Summer is almost over but do not fret! With the new school year comes another year of FOLDing for us all. To begin the school year, stop by the FOLD booth at New College or the UTSU Clubs Day. Here, you will be able to meet this year’s executive team, purchase a membership package for the year and see some extravagant origami. Below you will find some more details concerning the events.

Event: New College Clubs Event                                                                                           Date: Tuesday, September 4th                                                                                      Time: 7PM-10PM                                                                                                            Location: New College

Event: UTSU Clubs Day                                                                                                            Date: Wednesday, September 5th                                                                                 Time: 9AM-5PM                                                                                                            Location: Hart House Circle

With that said, we hope that all of you enjoy the last bit of summer sunshine and we look forward to FOLDing with you in the fall!


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