October Workshop, PASU Collaboration, and Election

First I would like to apologize for the late notice that the date of the workshop has been changed! The workshop for this month had been moved to October 19 (next Friday). The details are listed below:

Event: October Workshop and Election
Date: October 19
Time: 5pm-7pm
Room: GB 412 (Galbraith Building)

The workshop will include a guest lecturer Kyoko, who will demonstrate some other form of paper crafts. The election will also be at this time. Any applicants who wish to make a speech can do so, but there is no mandatory requirements.

There is also a collaboration with the Physics and Astronomy Student Union (PASU), where we’ll be teach you how to make chess pieces. Details are listed below:

Event: PASU Collaboration
Date: October 18
Time: Evening (Specific time will be posted later on)
Room: MP217

Hope everyone have a great weekend, and hope to see you soon!


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