Recap: Doves Workshop

We hosted our Doves Workshop on Friday October 25th at SS1083. During this workshop, our members and execs were able to fold hundreds of white doves in wax paper, all to be donated to Toronto Western Hospital to be put on their patients’ holiday and get well cards. F.O.L.D. members and execs had a lot… Continue reading Recap: Doves Workshop



F.O.L.D. Featured on Varsity!!

OMG…WE’RE FINALLY FEATURED ON VARSITY!! After an entire month of tireless waiting, interviews, and the highly unexpected drop-in photoshoot during our Halloween October General Workshop on Friday October 18th, we are finally featured on the Varsity Newspaper Vol No. CXXXIV’s Clubs’ Feature section!! Thank you all again for your consistent support!! This could not have… Continue reading F.O.L.D. Featured on Varsity!!