F.O.L.D. Featured on Varsity!!


OMG…WE’RE FINALLY FEATURED ON VARSITY!! After an entire month of tireless waiting, interviews, and the highly unexpected drop-in photoshoot during our Halloween October General Workshop on Friday October 18th, we are finally featured on the Varsity Newspaper Vol No. CXXXIV’s Clubs’ Feature section!!

Our featured section on the Varsity. Photo depicting the Halloween October General Workshop that was hosted on Friday October 18th.

Thank you all again for your consistent support!! This could not have been possible without all our members’ amazing support and dedication to make this club as it is today!!

If you have not seen the article yet, please take a look at it now online through the link provided below or pick up a physical paper copy of the issue around campus sometime this week!! xD

Link to the article:


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