Advanced Workshop with Vincent Rishea

FOLD advanced workshop copy

Hi FOLD members!

We will be dipping our feet in for a series of origami workshops focused on the end product of folding and the (sometimes arduous) journey of getting there. If you enjoy origami and would like to fold something fun please come! The things we are folding will definitely get more complex as we go on through the year; but we have decided to start the year off with some simpler models.

Our first workshop will be on October 11th at BA B026 starting at 2:30 until 5PM. Please try to come as early as you can so that you have time to finish the models, as these models are a bit more complex than the ones we usually attempt in our general monthly workshops. However, in the case that you cannot finish the model during the workshop for whatever reason, you can also come to our office hours to finish, as long as you send an email to us before you come so that we can make sure the correct exec can be with you for what you need.

The pictures below are what we plan on folding (2 models):

montrol t-rex7cae08fd78491a83a2f703d3ac39f908

See you there!

Qingda Hu


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