Recap: The October Halloween General Workshop

Some of the origami pieces created during the workshop: bats, pumpkins, rabbits, cranes, and black roses.

We hosted our biggest event of October – The October Halloween General Workshop – on Friday October 18th at SS1083. It was a fun and spooky event, with execs teaching members how to fold bats, spiders, pumpkins, creepy fingers, heart shaped bats, black roses, and more! And of course, lots of picture taking from all angles…

Memebers attentively folding the heart bat.
Members having fun with the giant black bat.

We also raffled off items like we promised: there were 5 lucky winners that took home a total of 3 club T-shirts and 2 origami items! Congrats to those lucky winners!

Our next event is coming up on on Thursday October 24th at CIE and Friday October 25th at SS1083 and Hart House Meeting Room. For more info on these workshops take a look at the new posts above or a few old posts directly below or the upcoming event list on the right side bar. Thank you all for you consistent support and see you all soon!


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