Recap: November Christmas General Workshop

A nicely folded Santa Claus by members during our November Christmas General Workshop.

We hosted our November Christmas General Workshop on Friday November 15th at SS1084. We were folding gift boxes, Santa Claus, stars, raindeers, as well as some popular models outside of the Christmas theme such as dragons, roses, and lilies.

A crane inside a folded gift box.
Some dragon models that were folded during the workshop.





















It was a fun filled event and the last monthly general workshop of this year before exam cram time (although it is NOT the last workshop of this year). We introduced the list of constitutional changes that will be voted on in January during this workshop. Also as promised we gave out raffle prizes during this event and we sincerely congratulate all the lucky winners!

Left to Right: F.O.L.D. Constitution, Constitutional Amendments, and prizes for the raffle.

We thank you all for your consistent support and see you all soon either at one of our low-key workshops at the end of this month or next year! Take care in the mean time!


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