F.O.L.D. Fall Election Result

tb_F.O.L.D._LogoOn Friday September 19th we conducted our 2014 Fall Election. We would like to take a moment to announce our newly elected Executive Team of 2014-2015:

Treasurer: Chaehyun Lee
Director of Art: Jiwoan Song
Director of Media: Princen Wong
Webmaster: Michael Mao
1st Year Reps: Qiqi Lin & Gloria Kim

Congratulations to all those that are elected! They will be working alongside with the incumbent Executive Team elected from the Spring Election for the reminder of the year to deliver another fantabulous year to you all. For those of you that are still interested in being more involved with us, please also look out for our coordinator positions which will be out soon. Until then, thank you all for you consistent support and see you all very soon.