Coordinator Applications For 2014-2015

F.O.L.D. is looking for dedicated individuals to fill coordinator positions and help run the club for the 2014-2015 academic year! These are application based positions and interested individuals will be contacted for interview upon a successful review of their application. Interviews will be conducted on an on-going basis from now until one week after the application deadline. Early submission is highly encouraged.

Apply here! Deadline to apply is Friday, October 10th

Positions available:

  • Baycrest Ambassador (1)
  • Japan Foundation Ambassador (1)
  • Toronto Public Library Ambassador (1)
  • High School Outreach Ambassador (1)
  • Public Relations Associate (2)
  • Logistics Coordinator (1)
  • Assistant Instructor (varies)
  • Art Associate (1)
  • Paper Engineer Coordinator (1)
  • Media Associate (1)

Descriptions of the positions can be found here.