Monthly FOLD Projects

Monthly FOLD: Tessellated Hydrangea

Monthly FOLD for March 2015 from our coordinator, Kevin Ton. Hi everyone, spring is finally here (sort of) and I decided to celebrate by folding this tessellated hydrangea, which is a variation on the hydrangea by Shuzo Fujimoto. This model is cool because it’s recursive, so you can fold as many layers of petals as you want… Continue reading Monthly FOLD: Tessellated Hydrangea


Spring 2015 Election

On Friday March 20, 2015, we conducted our 2015 Spring Election. We would like to take this time to announce and congratulate our newly elected executive committee for 2015-2016. The members of the new executive team for this year are as followed: President: Jiwoan Song Vice-President Internal: Qiqi Lin Vice-President External: Chaehyun Lee Secretary: Iris Hu Webmaster: Victor… Continue reading Spring 2015 Election