Specialty Course Series : Rethinking Paper – Introduction and Demonstration

We will be having the 1st workshop from our newly implemented Speciality Course Series of the year, by our Speciality Instructor, Steven Chang: “Rethinking Paper: Introduction and Demonstration”!

12213902_904292059606118_1028345854_oEvent: Specialty Workshop Series : Introduction and Demonstration
Time: November 13, 2015
Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Location: SS1086

Words from Steven:
“In this class students will be introduced to the basics of origami, starting with the history of paper folding and the development of an international origami language. From there we will cover the various styles of origami through out the world and the unique applications, both artistic and scientific. Finally, the class will learn about making and preparing their own paper. A short paper making demonstration will be shown and premade paper provided for students to try. Students will be guided through one of two simple models to showcase the benefits of using handmade papers an will be taught simple shaping methods and modifications to well known models.”

If you’re interested in attending this workshop and committing to the Speciality Course Series or want more information, click here!