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Fly with Kamiya Birbs, Learn to Dream

    Birbs! :3

    These feathery friends range from cute to awe-inspiring, and you can fold your very own at the upcoming Friday workshop led by Kevin, our Specialty Coordinator.

    From origamist Satoshi Kamiya, we have diagrams for the Yellow Bird, Little Bird, Lyrebird, and Phoenix. The respective difficulties of these models are advanced-intermediate (80 steps), advanced (142), advanced (122), and expert (225). Also quite challenging, there will be a few copies of Sipho Mabona’s Swallow (88) for anyone who did not attempt it the year prior. Make sure to take your time and be precise! The available papers are Hanji treated with methyl cellulose and a few sheets of Unryu leftover from the Pegasi workshop.

    From 5-8 PM, we will be in room 2281 of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). Then, anyone who wants to continue folding can walk with us over to Sussex Clubhouse, where we’ll stream movies in the meeting rooms. Take advantage of the table-space and fold, fold, fold~!! Attending the post-workshop session will be free. VPE Eileen, however, will make gourmet popcorn available. You can choose to buy a bag for $2. All flavours except caramel corn get a refill. All proceeds will help us buy Tant and Unryu paper for future Weekly Folds.

    See you guys on Friday, and have fun folding~!!