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Upcoming Workshops & Spring Elections

    We’re in the final stretch of our workshop series for the semester. There are only three more to go! 3/22 is tessellations taught by Anna and Kevin. 4/5 is a collab with UTSkateboarders. More details on those later. 3/29 is pretty important…

    It’s the day of our Spring Elections. The Exec roles available are President, VP Internal, and VP External. The Fall Election in mid-September features all other executive positions. You must be present at the 3/29 workshop if you wish to run for P/VPI/VPE, so please keep that in mind.

    Reopening Coordinator roles are SickKids Ambassador, Collegiate and Community Origami Emissary (replaces Japan Foundation Ambassador), Advanced Workshop Coordinator, and Specialty Instructor. There’s typically an application process involved for Coordinator positions. If you are an active member of UTFOLD, having attended at least five workshops, you’ve bypassed that phase and will get interviewed on 3/29. If you have attended fewer than five workshops this school year but are genuinely interested in getting more involved with origami, the Coordinator application form will be up on 3/30.

    Veean will be explaining what each of these Exec and Coordinator positions entail on 3/15.

    3/29 will also feature an end-of-year potluck. We’re organizing the “who brings what” on 3/15 as well. If you’re unable to come on 3/15, do please let us know whether or not you want to bring food via email (deadline: 3/20).