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Skule Night Life & UTFOLD present… Learn to Fold

Yay! It soon begins. Drop by Clubs Carnival, Clubs Fair, or the New College Arts & Crafts event if you want us to add you to our email list. For returning members, our first workshop takes place 9/6 (first week of school, Friday).

It’s a late-night (7-9 PM) collaboration between UTFOLD and Skule Night Life. I know not everyone will be able to make it due to the hour, so I will also be teaching the Pureland Wizard at New College on 9/5.

At the collab though, we’ll also have an ice cream model. It unfortunately requires a bit of glue and cutting, but if you can look past that, please come at 7 PM to increase the likelihood of finishing. For the octopus and wizard, drop in whenever! Of course, instructors will be roaming around to make sure people new to origami or confused veterans all succeed!

Similarly, do come early if you want a winning chance in the Sword Design Contest. Judging will take place in the final 30+ minutes (~8:30-9:00 PM). I’ll grab an unbiased attendee to rate the models by their aesthetics and engineering quality. Meanwhile, I, or one of the VPs, will score it as an origami piece (complexity of folds, avoidance of glue, smart locking/collapsing/etc.). The prize is a roll of blue Folio crepe paper from Switzerland. Nightlife is also interested in displaying the winning swords in Galbraith lobby.